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After gaining work experience in London’s infamous Trident Studios (a.k.a. Audio One) Stevie took his first steps on a lifelong journey in music, with an obsession for record collecting and a passion for creating. Inspired, Stevie wanted to release his own records, so he set up the now legendary Big Bear. 

The label paved the way for Bear Entertainment and Bearfunk records, both cemented firmly in the modern disco movement of the early 2000’s. In 2007 Stevie formed the ambassador’s reception label releasing exotic treats from intergalactic heroes like Albion & Loud-E. He is also a seasoned complier releasing Disco Italia for Strut, Disco Diva Delights, Experiment for Ambassador’s Reception and No Funk No Chop for African Road Trip, a record label which specialises in releasing out of print rarities from Africa and beyond. 

His new Steamy Windows project features an EP with Woolfy and is set to reignite the Ambassadors Reception label into 2022. As a DJ, Stevie is a revered crate digger who thrives on versatility; his sets are eclectic and well crafted, reflecting Stevie’s extensive musical knowledge.

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