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Om314, (Pim Warnars) got his very own record player, an old Philips with tube amp, by the age of four and has been intrigued by the magic of vinyl ever since. He learned himself how to beatmatch and mix records in the eighties and started to play discotheques in Spain and the Netherlands by the end of the decade.
Being a child of the seventies his base had always been disco but in the nineties he added acid, Chigago and Detroit techno to his pallet. After doing High Low Techno parties in the North of Holland and illegal tunnel raves in the south he made it to Awakenings and clubs like Mazzo and Tumult by 2001. After that Pim stopped performing for audiences due to personal reasons but never stopped playing records nor stopped listening and collecting new music.
At the beginning of the pandemic, when the clubs had to shut the doors he decided to build his own underground club, the notorious Studio 508 which soon became the Amsterdam chapter of Intergalactic FM. Playing for an audience again in his very own club and rocking the IFM Festival he found his passion anew and is back at doing what he does best and loves most! You can expect the best disco and ltalo, as well as a deep Detroit, electro, acid and West Coast sound, cassaics and banging new stuff.
Om314 is ready to rock your club too!!
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